The most common questions, answered here.

Do you ship abroad?

Yup! All over the world my friend.

What currency is this?

Canadian Dollars.

I live in Montreal, can I pick up?

Of course! Enter the code PICKUP at check out and it will clear the shipping fee for you. I'll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

What measurement you use?

It's all inches. 

When do you ship my order?

I usually ship around a week or 2 after the order is processed.

How much time does it takes to get the order?

For North America is between a week or 2. For the rest of world, it might take a month. Yea, sometimes even longer...Unfortunately, I can't control this.

Does it come with a tracking number?

For Canada and United States, you will get a tracking number. However, due to high prices for everywhere else, I won't provide a tracking number. You'll still be notice once it's shipped.

What if my print arrives damaged? 

Contact me, and I'll provide a new option for you. No worries. Shit happens.

There's a particular print I want, but it's sold out...do you restock?

99% of the time, no. Most of my items are limited. Once they're gone, they are gone forever.